The wedding of your dreams on the beach

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The wedding of your dreams on the beach

If you are a romantic by heart you have surely dreamed of the perfect wedding almost all your life, now you have your other half, and it's time to decide what kind of wedding you want, in Grand Matlali we have the perfect scenario to make your fantasy come true, you just need to decide what kind of party you want, so here we give you some ideas: 

5 types of weddings. Which one do you choose?

The relationship you have with your partner, their religion and personality are some of the characteristics that will determine the type of wedding you will have. Choose the one that best suits your personality

Classic wedding 

Let's start with the traditional, if you want everything to be simple and sober, having a classic wedding is your option. Monochromatic colors and plain decoration, without anything extravagant, will be the perfect complement to the happiest day of your life. 

Romantic wedding

Every union is romantic, yes, but the essential characteristic of this type of wedding is the use of pastel colors and abundant floral arrangements... You will practically live a fairy tale! 

Minimalist wedding 

The type of wedding that has become trendy, here the most important thing is to focus on the bride and groom and their pleasure, also characterized by the use of monochromatic colors and have simple details, in addition to ensuring that the guests are really special for the bride and groom. 

Personal theme wedding 

Here everything is allowed, this type of weddings are becoming more and more common, since everything revolves around the taste of the bride and groom, if they want to make a themed wedding either by color, or perhaps about a movie or series, it's okay! 

Casual weddings

The special thing about these weddings is "the informality" they are mostly outdoors, either in the countryside or on the beach, it is the perfect opportunity to wear a flowing dress that allows mobility, so you can dance, jump and enjoy your day to the fullest and carefree. 

Now that you know that there is more than one type of wedding, you can choose wisely how you would like to celebrate the most important day of your life. Just tell us what you have in mind and Grand Matlali will make it happen. Say yes and send us a message!  


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